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Like almost every 5 years, the pension reform occupies the minds, without the subject ever seeming to be resolved. It has become a chestnut in the political life of our country.

Our objective here is to analyse the criteria that guide, or should guide, the arguments on both sides to build a better “retirement” world.

In 2022, P-VAL has built the Better World approach to avoid the syndrome predicted by the Italian philosopher Gramsci. “The old world is dying, the new world is slow in appearing and in this darkeness monsters appear. We want to avoid the “Monsters”, by accelerating the creation of the New Worlds and by ensuring that they are “Better”.

To put a concrete content behind this word Better, we have identified 4 criteria that I invite you to mirror on the subject of pensions.

A Better World is a Common World. Common in the sense that it must reach the maximum number of relevant people.

It raises some questions : Does the reform involve all stakeholders?  Or does it always focus on the same people? For example, what about current pensioners: should they be included in this Common World of retirement or not? And what about civil servants who benefit from “special schemes”?

A better World is a Sustainable World. Sustainable here means that it preserves the future and that it is operational as from today.

What is the life horizon of the reform? Would it last until 2030? If so, what happens after that? Do today’s arrangements have positive consequences in the medium term? What are the consequences of the demographic changes to be expected today up to 2030 and beyond?

A better world is a world that is Fair. Fair in the sense that it allows for a win-win agreement with stakeholders.

Note that this word ‘fair’ is the term most used in the arguments by actors from all sides. We hear that the reform would be fair or unfair at every turn.

Is it fair to work longer when life expectancy is increasing? Is it fair that the younger generations pay for the older ones? Is it fair that women leave earlier, later?

A better World is an Efficient World. By efficient, we mean “that creates measurable value”.

Is a funded system more economically efficient than a pay-as-you-go system? Wouldn’t it be more efficient to review the 35-hour work week? Or to look for ways to be more productive with the same working hours? Or to back the financing of pensions with other revenues?

I am not an expert on pensions, far from it. I don’t even know how to calculate the one I would have, and besides, in a fuzzy environment, is it possible?

But I do hope, certainly like you, that this reform and the others to come will lead us collectively towards a Better World: more common, sustainable, fair and efficiant.

This article proposes a simple grid, composed of 4 items, to broaden your thoughts on the subject of pensions, but also on any World issue you may encounter: collaboration, growth, agility, …

In a forthcoming article, Armand Jiptner, P-VAL Partner, will offer you his answers on the subject of pension : to be challenged 😊


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