Our differentiator: The Worlds approach
Step 1

The World of your Customers evolves under different forces: competition, regulation, societal evolution, digitalization…

On your side, your World tends to solidify with the risk of losing its adaptability to external evolutions. The gap between the two worlds is widening.

Step 2

You formulate a new Strategy to synchronize with the new challenges and expectations of your customers and your environment. These are the choices you make to focus your actions and resources where you want them. The challenge is to clearly formulate your evolution so that everyone understands its meaning.

Step 3

Your teams want to do their best to apply the new strategy, but they are doing it in their current ways of thinking and acting, with representation biases and historical routines that generate efforts, delays, frustrations and failures over time.

This current World will not allow the new strategy to be realized. But then what to do “instead”?

Step 4

As a team, you design your target performance World, the one that mirrors your Strategy. This is your Target World that will allow you to engage your teams in a concrete adventure: they live in a World on a daily basis, they do not live in a strategy.

This Target World is made up by all the pillars of a culture in action: the image of performance, recognition by the actors, collective interactions, the ways of decision-making.


Step 5

You deploy Bridges to quickly bring your teams into this Target World. The “highways” will come later.

You focus on a reduced number of “Tipping Point” approaches that allow you to live the Target World: think and act from the Target World and no longer from the “old” World.

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This project aims at giving the European leader in payment systems the means to achieve its ambition of growth and profitability.

We support all the executives and their teams in the different Business Units in the deployment of their new World © of Performance. One Culture is an innovative approach to profound change in order to cope with the acceleration of technological breakthroughs and the intensity of competition.

By implementing a “value-based selling” model within this world leader in testing, inspection and certification, we create a new winning performance within the sales teams. To give concrete levers on the course to follow and increase the success rate of the project, we define a reference system of shared actions as well as training and coaching programs for the teams.

We contribute to the new governance of the governing functions of this international group, leader in service solutions for companies and their employees, in a context of expanding product ranges and accelerating local acquisitions.

Thanks to data science, we set up a “pilot” dashboard sizing the legal and compliance teams thanks to business and environmental factors.

We contribute to the elaboration of the new strategic plan of an Independent Administrative Authority in the crucial context of the nuclear revival in France. We create new playing fields to successfully project the teams to 2030 in a desiloed and collaborative logic to do better, differently and with constant means.

We are creating a managerial culture of “Cooperation” to ensure the success of the 2030 strategic plan of this leading diversified services group with 250,000 employees.

The observation is that past approaches fail to transform the way management thinks and acts. We help the group’s top managers to create an unprecedented sense of belonging and emulation to bring this new World of Cooperation to life

Discover the performance equation

We have found the formula that sums up P-Val’s promise to its clients. It connects the transformative forces you need to use to accelerate your company’s performance.

Laurent Dugas

Founder and creator of the equation

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Answer this 13-question questionnaire and we will send you back your personal World ©  File within 48 hours. It gives you a clear vision of your priorities for action and helps you think about the changes you would like to make.

Do you need some advice for your business transformation projects? Are you having difficulties implementing your strategy?

Do you need some advice for your business transformation projects? Are you having difficulties implementing your strategy?


Do you need consulting for your business transformation projects? Are you having difficulties implementing your strategy? 


P-VAL Conseil is THE consulting firm in organization transformation that can help you and your teams transform your ambition of transformation into a project that generates performance in the long term. 


As a major player in the Parisian Organizational Consulting market, we distinguish ourselves by our expertise in driving change through cultural leverage. We rely on our Worlds approach, which is the differentiating method of P-VAL.

Curious about the benefits of our business transformation methodology for the execution of your strategic plan? Contact us now to discover the different worlds that make up our methodology. To be accompanied by the P-VAL Conseil team is first to understand the gap that exists between your current World and your external World (your customers). It is then building your desired World of performance, the one that will allow the smooth execution of your strategy. Finally, it means formulating and deploying the bridges that will enable you to move from the Current World to the Desired World and thus make your performance tangible.


Also, at P-VAL Conseil, we are convinced that data are precious in an organizational transformation project. This is why we strive every day to equip our approach to Worlds with data-science. Today, in the context of a merger or acquisition, we are able to anticipate the shocks to the Worlds of the organizations in question very early on. So if you have a business transformation project and would like insights into your takeover project, we can help you: we provide you with a strategic analysis of a company you are interested in, using data available on the market. Using the Worlds method, augmented by data analysis upstream of the integration phase, provides objective insight into the cultural issues of your future project.