Our manifesto

P-Val, creator of Worlds

P-Val is a consulting firm specialized in strategic transformation through cultural leverage. 

Too many companies fail in their transformations by adopting solutions that focus on the organization, processes, systems and governance levers. They lose the energy of their employees and forget that these are the means to a new performance of their teams that still has to be embodied.

We change the mindset by positioning the culture as the starting point and the end point of any transformation. Your performance project is a success if the ways of representation and actions of all stakeholders are quickly and sustainably transformed.

This is what we call “Creating a World © to which teams want to belong”. We successfully mobilize this innovative approach in many areas: strategic plans, company mergers, ecosystem and partnership dynamics and other disruptive projects.

You are creators of the World with a capacity to mobilize a large number of people in order to achieve your strategic breakthroughs. In response, our consultants onboarded to organize creativity and collective intelligence within your teams and our research helps to perceive weak signals thanks to AI.

For greater resilience, impact and performance

Our values
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We lift mountains with you to build better Worlds. It is our most powerful fuel


To deliver on this promise of better Worlds, we invest heavily in our consultants (training, mentoring, 360° feedback, etc.) so that they become players in their own progress

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We bring together the talents that will guarantee the success of your project, with us, with you, and with our ecosystem


To ensure that consulting remains a pleasure at all times, we cultivate creativity, transparency among ourselves and a true sense of community. 


We deliver without detours until results are achieved 
We try to find out if they are sustainable, our clients hear us call them long after

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The very principle of building Worlds together inspires the actions of the firm and its employees on a daily basis. In fact, we are committed to the principles of sustainable development and responsibility towards our employees, our clients, society in general and the planet. This is a key component that we make explicit in a manifesto at the launch of each of our projects.

With all the energy, collective intelligence and heart of our employees, we are determined to play our part, in our own way.


Partner and CSR Manager

Our initiatives

On the environment, we wish to develop sustainable mobility and promote environmentally friendly consumption.

We buy recycled computer equipment and choose solidarity caterers for our events. We translate these commitments to our partners by drafting a CSR code of conduct.

In terms of ethics and compliance, we apply a policy concerning the fight against corruption, anti-competitive practices and responsible marketing.

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P-Val is a signatory of the United Nations Global Compact. As such, we support the ten fundamental principles of the UN in the fields of human rights, labor rights, environmental protection and the fight against corruption.

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P-Val is a silver medalist as a result of the EcoVadis assessment. This rating evaluates the CSR performance of companies on 4 criteria: the environmental impact of the company’s activities, responsible purchasing, business ethics and employee well-being.

Our carbon footprint

3.7 tons of CO2e per employee

17,000 km by bicycle

5,000 km of walking

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Discover our approach to Worlds

An operational and tool-based method that we have developed to help you execute your strategy. Based on the academic work of Laurent Thévenot and Luc Boltanski, it allows for the transformation of even the most complex organizations.

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Answer this 13-question questionnaire and we will send you back your personal World ©  File within 48 hours. It gives you a clear vision of your priorities for action and helps you think about the changes you would like to make.