Three-act strategic change: towards sustainable transformation

All too often, strategic change is associated only with its visible and symbolic aspects, i.e. the day when the executive announces a change of strategy, marking a salutary break, … necessarily salutary. However, strategic change must first and foremost be seen as a process. As Antoine Riboud, founder of Danone, once said: “You only discover […]

Are you as Merchant as Blaise Pascal ?

The Merchant World is all too often the poor relation of the six reference Worlds that enable us to visually map the Worlds present within an organisation, or between two organisations that need to cooperate. We carried out a World analysis on the motivational levers of the Corporate Banking teams of a major European bank: […]

This is the story of 3 rugby referees…

Three rugby referees share best practice during their World Cup preparation course The first referee says: “I whistle for every foul”. The second referee says: “I whistle every foul I see”. The third referee says: “When I whistle, it’s a foul”. This story, which you can easily transfer to your professional world, distinguishes three conceptions […]

Agile at scale : the interview of Odile de Gabrielli, Head of Programs at Orange France

P-VAL supports its customers in their performance challenges. We do this on themes that are at the heart of their strategy: simplicity, agility, cooperation, empowerment, innovation… these are the demands that we need to address with them. To do this, we co-construct their Better World, the one that responds to their strategy, with the aim […]

Cooperation is bullshit ?

Cooperation is bullshit ? The automotive sector is structurally cooperative Indeed, it is dictated by very important size effects. It is necessary to massify in order to amortize investments. The key indicator is the number of cars produced. Factories must be able to produce cars of different brands. And the list of cooperative ventures to […]

New Renault – Nissan agreement: “One step forward, two steps backwards” in cooperation?

With the new Renault-Nissan cooperation agreement, and as in the nursery rhyme “One step forward…”, I am not sure that the players really know whether they have moved forward or backward, beyond the façade of speeches. The agreement that prevailed before, the RAMA (“Restated Alliance Master Agreement”), with its Byzantine contours, was only held together […]

Does the French pension reform bring us closer to a better World? (2/2)

Pensions: a technocratic and uninspired reform At a time of political manoeuvring that accompanies the review of the pension reform project in the Assembly, it seems interesting to apply our “Better World” grid to offer you a fresh and objective look. To sum up the reform project, it is about preserving our pay-as-you-go system, one […]

Does the French pension reform bring us closer to a better World? (1/2)

Like almost every 5 years, the pension reform occupies the minds, without the subject ever seeming to be resolved. It has become a chestnut in the political life of our country. Our objective here is to analyse the criteria that guide, or should guide, the arguments on both sides to build a better “retirement” world. […]