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We have spelled out a powerful equation that visually embodies our promise to you. It connects the transformative forces you need to play on to accelerate your business performance.








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Word from the creator of the equation

We have developed a powerful equation that visually embodies our promise. It connects the transformative forces you need to play on to accelerate your company’s performance: the customer at the heart, emotion, data science and culture in action, your World ©.

Laurent Dugas

Founder and creator of the equation


Implement the Performance Equation to the design and roll out your new Strategic Plan.

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Answer this 13-question questionnaire and we will send you back your personal World ©  File within 48 hours. It gives you a clear vision of your priorities for action and helps you think about the changes you would like to make.

P-Val is a Parisian consulting firm specializing in strategic transformation through cultural leverage

We are experts in business transformation and training.

We work with CXOs on a daily basis to support them in their strategy change and transformation challenges. Too many companies fail in their transformations by adopting operational consulting solutions that focus on organizational / process / system levers, forgetting that these are the means to a new team performance.

Management and organisation consultancy, P-Val Conseil accompanies your change of strategy thanks to its expertise in business transformation consultancy

Since 1994, we have been inverting models of thinking by positioning culture as the starting point and end point of any transformation, but also within our in-company training programmes by starting from the HR diagnosis to set your teams in motion.

Your performance project is a success if and only if the modes of representation and action of all stakeholders are rapidly and sustainably transformed. Much more than change management, this is what we call “Creating a World© that others want to belong to”.


If you are tired of typing transformation project consultancy, management transformation consultancy or company transformation into your search engine, don’t wait any longer, call us!

We have successfully used this innovative approach in a number of cases: HR diagnostics, strategic plans, company mergers, ecosystem and partnership dynamics, new business models, in-company training and other disruptive projects.

Our “decision-makers” are the creators of the World with a wide mobilisation capacity: general management and C-Suites (strategy, marketing-sales, digital, human resources, legal, finance, etc.) for whom we transform governance, representations, transactional and collaboration processes, expected behaviours, digital, etc. To achieve this alchemy, we perceive weak signals, we organise creativity and we act with ingenuity. We are growing and have just launched our new 2025 strategic plan, which aims to push our “World” added value further.