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Digital transformation of Legal Departments: 2023, the year the genie came out of the magic lamp

Published in 2023 , 29 pages

The study reports on the digital investments made by legal departments to increase their influence in corporate governance: which families of use cases are now becoming the norm in major legal departments? What are the promising areas of recent innovation (chatbots, collaborative reporting tools, automated reading of contracts, etc.)? What are the obstacles and barriers to transformation?

One of the aims of the study is to analyse the ways in which the legal directors interviewed (CAC 40 / SBF 120) are portrayed as role models in this performance-enhancing transformation. A typical profile emerges, highlighting the cultural transformation challenges facing legal departments as a whole, the first family of obstacles identified by the panel.

Are legal leaders embracing this disruptive innovation? How do they fit in with current tools? Does the potential outweigh the risks? The study shows the diversity of attitudes to this innovation.

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Create our World of Performance to boost your performance

Published in 2022 , 34 pages

Cooperation is a performance lever whose potential has long been misused by limiting itself to the incantation “we are partners”.

It is materialised by the pooling of skills or economic, technical or financial resources in the service of an ambitious common objective. In the current context, the economic, technological and societal challenges are such that “going it alone” has become, if not a stupidity or a dead end, then at least too slow and too expensive. To face our challenges, we must learn to cooperate. Cooperation then becomes a major competitive advantage in an increasingly complex market.

2022 was the year of the launch of our World Campus, in which we focused on Cooperation.

It was an opportunity to share a collaborative experience with our clients, partners and friends, all of whom come from diverse backgrounds (Construction & Public Works, Pharma Industry, Services, Luxury, Theatre, Art Gallery,…). We are pleased to present these enriched reflections on the theme of Cooperation in our new white paper.

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Making your merger a success Building your World of Performance

As after every crisis, the post-Covid era is seeing a wave of M&A activity with more than $3.8 trillion in deals signed in the first eight months of 2021 worldwide, the highest in more than 20 years.

The majority of these deals will destroy value, at best 40% of them, at worst 85%. The literature is rich in analyses that decipher the causes of these failures, but these studies do not propose a method for dealing with them. We have conducted numerous mergers in industry, banking and high-tech. Each time, we have seen the devastation caused by the obsession with organization as a means of integration.

Our Worlds approach is an effective and credible alternative to tackle mergers. In this white paper, you will discover how to create the World of post-merger performance as well as the keys to act as a creator of a World to which others (those you integrate, your customers, your competitors…) will want to belong.


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