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Changez de Monde pour réussir votre stratégie
(Change your World to achieve your strategy)

The book was published on October 22nd, 2010, 220 pages.

The World approach is the guiding principle of our consulting activity in P-Val since 2005. We have used it successfully in various transformation projects with: large international accounts, SMEs, Marketing and commercial directions, financial directions, human resource departments, IT departments, industrial production or services sites, worldwide business line, countries…

Why a book ?
Because we believe in stories we tell and in books bringing a long-standing pleasure. Because we think that it is important to tackle complex topics to make them easier to understand. Because World topics are important to everyone and the efforts we make to understand them and to act more effectively are worth it. Read this book, share it with your relatives and friends and discuss it with us directly or through our blog.

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La Vente complexe : comment passer d’une vente de produits à une vente de solutions
(The Complex Sale: How to go from selling products to selling solutions) 

Edition Dunod, 2003, 200 pages

B to B selling is more and more moving from selling products to selling solutions. Strategic, solution sales operate at the highest level: building with the client a commercial offering integrating a series of services and meeting a latent or evolving need. This book reviews this new sales approach and presents a simple and pragmatic process in four steps (Finding the idea, Starting the project, Valuing one’s offer, Bouncing back with the client) to turn selling products into selling solutions by using the full team’s resources. This work puts particular emphasis on the documents that structure the commercial proposal.

This book received the Commercial Science reward in 2004.

More than 3000 copies sold

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Gagner les appels d’offres en équipe
(How to win tenders in a team)

Dunod, 2008, 203 pages

Do you want to know how London won the organization of the 2012 Olympic Games? You want to make sure to win your next 20M€ contract? 50M€? This book is for managing directors, commercial directors, sales, engineers, legal or finance experts – all those who want to make the best offer to respond to the customer’s demand and to maximize their team’s chances to make benefits.

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