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What is the “Worlds” theory?

Two researchers, Laurent Thévenot and Luc Boltanski, offered a new approach to better understand collective and complex processes.

Stakeholders’ working patterns are explained by a specific World with levers to set them in motion. What could be the agreements between two groups of stakeholders?

For instance, in many companies, the Commercial (merchant World) and the Production (Industrial World) have natural difficulties to work together:

• The Production: “My processes do not allow to produce what you promised”

• The Commercial: “As you don’t understand that our client needs a specific solution…”

To bring our World and our Client’s World closer is a permanent challenge

« Everywhere, customers care about their lives, their futures and their world. We need to live in their world because they are obviously not going to live in ours ».

This effort from your organization is difficult due to 4 reasons:


The perfect match between the two worlds does not exist : you will never be someone else.


Nothing is definitely acquired : adaptation is an ongoing effort, more a process than an accomplished fact


Looking for answers in our own World will not catch up a desynchronization


Executives look for a simple and federative approach to carry out their strategies